We are
Ron & Jermone

After years of doing uninspired jobs and feeling like nothing more than a cog in the wheel, we were always looking to develop an idea for our own business.

Being brothers in law, we both wanted to do something that we could involve our families with.

We both had roots in New York, and that has always been our common bond. 


Jermone envisioned creating his own Empire, but knew he needed help. He needed family to build it.


Inspired by their east coast heritage and emphasizing the only empire that matters, family, he reached out to Ron to help design the logo and together they started working on a clothing line.

With the concept solidified, we pushed forward with getting the brand off the ground and that is where we are today.

Together we created a brand that we would be willing to wear proudly and share with the world.

We believe a true Empire is only as good as its family and friends.

About Us